The UPside

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5/26/20241 min read

There are plenty of “ups” to remember as a leader:

Sign Up: Be committed, and show it by exemplifying commitment in your actions.

Gear Up: Be the example of well-planned projects, your day, and your weekly meetings.

Show Up and Sign Up: Not virtually (text, e-mail, Zoom, etc.) but rather real-time and at the process. Be committed to improving and finding a better way.

Shape Up: Always be refining the process and recognizing that it can always be in better shape.

Slip Up, then Own Up: You will make mistakes and slip up many times. Bbe responsible, take the heat, and learn from each mistake.

Back Up, and then Build Up: Your employees or co-workers will also make mistakes. Back up their mistakes and help them learn and grow from the experience. Respond with support instead of reacting with frustration. Then build them up by not dwelling on the errors, rather taking time to train, compliment, and motivate.

Ease Up: Be strict with yourself but lenient with others. You likely know more or are more experienced, but don’t expect others to be at your level. Sometimes you just gotta chill.

Look Up: There is always someone you can learn from. Your boss, co-workers, Gen-Xers and especailly from those who add value. And, "look up" the information; be data-driven instead of guessing or trying to remember it.

And always remember to keep your chin up! δ