Where do I start? (Part II)

Part Two with examples.

4/1/20241 min read

As promised, here are a few links and examples of the three things your lean kickoff should include: a book, a house, and a mentor.

BOOK: Searching “lean manufacturing” on Amazon yields 547 results. Here are just a few that I consider start-up books that might get you on the right path.

If you are just starting out and want others to understand the logical simplicity of lean: “Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in 1st Grade” (Robert Martichenko, 2008) or “2 Second Lean” (Paul Akers, 2011). And of course, “The Goal” (Eliyahu Goldratt, 1984) is the original continuous improvement read.

If you already know the basics but are looking for structure to help apply lean principles, consider “Lean Production Simplified” (Pascal Dennis, 2001) or “Creating a Lean Culture” (David Mann, 2005).

HOUSE: Searching “lean manufacturing house” on Google images produces 1,800+ results. Find one you like, then make it yours. Modify it to fit your objectives and your company's culture. Remember that a solid foundation (the first things you focus on) should include 5S, visual management, standards, and understanding the 7 wastes.

Here is just one very basic example: https://www.seniorflexonicsusa.com/competencies/lean/

MENTOR: It’s best to have a mentor that you lunch with or call up on a whim for advice. I can’t really offer suggestions for your particular situation. Until you find that person, here are a few links to lean sites that offer some input and may act kind of like a cyber/digital/on-line mentor.

Lean.org, GembaAcademy.com, and LeanFocus.com.

Happy hunting and enjoy learning as you search for the three key start-up tools that fit you and your company best.