Why blog?

2/5/20241 min read

I once heard that most books should be blogs, and most blogs should be Tweets (X). So I determined Southcut blogs would be to-the-point. More tweet-like than blog-like; short phrases, less fluff.

"Yokoten" is the Japanese word for sharing information or ideas. As I wind down my career, I wish to share lessons learned on this 35-year (and counting) trek. My objective is to provide useful tidbits for those still in the arena, not on the sidelines.

To paraphrase James Clear*: These blogs won’t tell you what to do; you know what will work better than I do. These are simply strategies that I have witnessed that just might help you find the right balance, tool, or guide to propel you faster and better along your continuous improvement journey.

*"My approach is to empower, not to prescribe. I'm not interested in telling you which habits you should build or which choices you should make. You know what works for your life and circumstances better than I ever could. Instead, I want to equip and empower you with ideas and strategies so you can make your own choices… . I'll give you the hammer; you decide where to drive the nail."